Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chicken piccata (p. 436)--Choose your own adventure CHOICE 3

(Note--this post will make much more sense if you read THIS post first)

You decide that plain sauteed chicken isn't enough for you and you want to make a quick sauce. Chicken piccata (p. 436) catches your eye. "Yum" you think "I order this in resturants sometimes".

You add shallots to oil and cook them until wilted, adding a cup of chicken stock:

You scrape the bottom of the pan to loosen browned bits, feeling like a real chef. You add lemon juice and capers and boil until the sauce is reduced:

You swirl in a little butter and admire the finished product. Finally, you pour the half the sauce over some chicken to eat immediately, pouring the other half of the sauce over a chicken breast to pop in the freezer:

"Wow, that was really easy" you think "it only took fifteen minutes!". The piccata sauce is tangy and strong due to the lemon and capers but tasty. You only wish it didn't make the crust of the chicken so soggy. "Oh well" you think "I will definitely make this for mom the next time she comes to town, she loves capers".

The End

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