Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sausage and pepper sub (p. 184), Twin sandwich (p. 180), and Club sandwich (p. 180)

Mom, Josh, and I are all dedicated Amazing Race watchers and I decided to whip something up for us to eat while watching it. I'm actually quite pleased with this season of TAR because it's one of the first seasons in which I like the majority of the teams.

As many regular readers know, I like to make my mom dishes that Josh and I don't want to eat. And Sausage and pepper sub (p. 184) fit the bill. I don't like peppers or onions, Josh doesn't like peppers, and mom loves both. Plus, mom is an expert on peppers and onions because she eats them frequently (horrifying to me as a child).

I cooked Italian sausages until they were done (there is no picture of this, use your imagination). I then cooked an onion, garlic, and bell peppers (all red because I didn't have any green) in a little olive oil and sausage grease with some oregano and salt and pepper:

I added the sausage back to the pan to heat through:

And popped it in a hero roll:

Mom said it was delicious! The perfect combination of peppers and onions. Because the peppers and onions are cooked for a long time at a low heat, they caramelize and sweeten, which is a nice complement to the hot Italian sausage.

I decided to make Josh a Twin sandwich (p. 180) using mom's delicious homemade bread.

I wrapped some cheese in ham, which seemed extremely strange (but who am I to question TJOC, right?):

I popped the cheese/meat in a skillet and cooked it for a minute on each side:

When the ham was sizzling, I popped it on toast and topped it with tomato:

Finished sandwich:

Josh said it was tasty! I have a strange aversion to heated sandwiches, so it wouldn't' be up my alley but it seemed like a nice ham and cheese sandwich. It was definitely improved by the homemade bread.

I made myself a Club sandwich (p. 180). I spread mayonnaise on toast, piled on lettuce and turkey, topped it with more toast, than lettuce, tomato, and bacon.

Delicious! I only wished I had some of those little toothpicks with colorful plastic ends. I have always liked club sandwiches, even though they are too big for my mouth and the toast scratches the roof of my mouth. All club sandwiches are essentially the same but I thought this one was particularly good--it's essentially a turkey sandwich layered with a BLT and who wouldn't like that?

I'm quite proud of my progress on the Sandwiches chapter! It's definitely in the running for first chapter finished.

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