Saturday, October 9, 2010

Huevos rancheros (p. 196)

I'm not sure where Huevos rancheros (p. 196) have been my whole life. I know that I've meant to knock them off the list for at least a year and only now managed to get around to it.

I fried a couple eggs (I made them over-easy, just to see if I could do it--and I did!):

I fried a few corn tortillas, popped the egg on it, poured warm salsa over the top, and crumbled queso fresco on the top.

SO DELICIOUS! The creaminess of the egg, the tang of the salsa, and the cheese were absolutely perfect together. TJOC says you can substitute feta for the queso fresco, which I found hard to believe before tasting the queso--it really was similar to feta (actually, it was similar in both taste and consistency). Has everyone else been eating these the whole time and not telling me how great and easy they were?

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  1. Sadly I've been in Texas 7 years now and have never had one either. Need to branch out more!

  2. Grew up on a more traditional version of huevos. Flour tortilla with a deep, rich red chile sauce, which, to the unaccustomed palate, savors of a slight bitterness. On top of the chile sauce goes black beans or pinto beans, freshly cut green chiles (a New Mexican tradition) and cheese (cheddar in our house but the queso would be a truer cheese to have on top).

    Spicy, delicious and with a rich depth of flavor, traditional huevos have no substitute or comparison. Utterly delicious!


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