Monday, October 4, 2010

Stewed okra (p. 295) and Kohlrabi I (p. 279)

My friend Rachel gave me a bunch of okra. I love okra. I even love slimy okra. I make stewed okra pretty awful but I've never "officially" make TJOC's version. Stewed okra (p. 295) is really easy. I cut the tops off the okra (I never do that normally) and popped them in a bit of water. I boiled them about five minutes:

They were tasty, although it was late in the season, so they weren't as tender as I like them. I don't recommend stewed okra if you don't like slimy okra--in my opinion, it's the most slimy method of okra cookery of all.

I found some extremely cheap kohlrabi at the farmer's market. I thought it would be perfect to make Kohlrabi I (p. 279). I don't think I had ever had kohlrabi before--I had no idea what to do with it. For those of you who like random trivia (I do!), kohlrabi means "cabbage turnip" in German.

For those of you who are wondering, this is kohlrabi:

It does sort of look like a turnip mixed with a cabbage. I tried to peel the kohlrabi with a vegetable peeler and it didn't work so I just cut the skin off (much easier).

I sliced it:

And boiled it for about ten minutes.

I topped the kohlrabi with a little butter and salt. It was okay. I think it was sort of bland and boring. It did have a nice crispiness to it and I think it would have been perfect in Spicy Chinese slaw. Do any of you eat kohlrabi? What do you do with it?

When I cook at mom's house I have my two constant companions--my dog Duchess and mom's dog Mugsy. They are like little twins, both interested in the exact same things (mainly, food), and are convinced I will eventually drop an entire dish of delicious food all over the floor. At least they are cute!

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