Saturday, January 1, 2011

RSL-OfeC: One from each Chapter #1

Most of you know I have a Randomly Selected List, which I love. It forces me to make recipes that I would usually put off making. But I decided to go one step further--I'm going to make the Randomly Selected List 2--Electric Boogaloo. Wait--I mean the RSL2: One from each Chapter.

The rules of this list:
One recipe will be selected from each chapter.
I can't make a new RSL2 until the previous list is entirely finished.
I would like to have each list finished within three full months from the new list's introduction.

This list will not replace RSL1, it will be in addition to it. I have found that these lists keep me really motivated. I used to generate the numbers, throwing out pages that didn't contain recipes.

I will update it with a link, the recipe chosen, and the date it was made.

Beverages--37: Kai, 3/7/11
Wine and beer--Shandy, 3/7/11
Cocktails and party drinks--65: Fish house punch, 1/16/11
Appetizers and Hors d'oeuvres--79: Stuffed raw vegetables, Stuffed celery, New potatoes stuffed with sour cream and caviar
Brunch, lunch, and supper dishes--100: Spicy seafood stew with orzo
Stocks and soups--135: Chicken rice soup (Asopao de pollo), Cock-a-leekie
Salads--159: Mixed greens with cheese crisp, Greek salad, Pita salad (Fattoush), Spinach salad, Spinach salad with grapefruit, orange, and avocado
Sandwiches, wraps, and pizza--182: English muffin pizza, 3/7/11
Egg dishes--198: Eggs with smoked salmon, Scrambled eggs II, Additions to scrambled eggs, Scotch woodcock
Fruits--216: Apple rings, Honey apples, Sauteed apples and bacon, Applesauce II, Seasoned applesauce I, Seasoned applesauce II, Seasoned applesauce III, Baked apples
Vegetables--280: Braised leeks, Leeks vinaigrette
Pasta, noodles, and dumplings--331: Chicken lo mein, Beef chow fun
Grains--360: Risotto (risotto in bianco), Risotto milanese
Shellfish--377: Fried clams, shrimp, or oysters with cornmeal coating, Fried clams, oysters, shrimp, or scallops with bread crumb or cracker coating
Fish--410: Fish and chips, Marinated deep-fried fish, Thai fish cakes
Poultry and wildfowl--428: Grilled lemon chicken, Jamaican jerk chicken, Tandoori chicken, Ash-roasted chicken thighs
Meat--501: Pork braised in milk, Braised pork with sauerkraut, Latin roasted picnic shoulder
Game--526: Braised marinated rabbit with prunes, Rabbit with mustard (Lapin ala moutarde), Casseroled rabbit and sausage
Stuffings--535: Corn bread stuffing with oysters, Corn bread stuffing with cumin and hot chile peppers, Dry dressing, Ham dressing for turkey, Parsley and bread crumb stuffing for fish
Savory sauces, salad dressings, marinades, and rubs--547: Pan sauce for wildfowl, herb pan sauce
Breads and coffee cakes--635: Muffins, Sour cream muffins, Lemon poppy seed muffins, Herb or roasted garlic muffins, Whole wheat muffins, Bran muffins
Pancakes, waffles, fritters, and doughnuts--646: Oatmeal pancakes, lemon pancakes
Pies and pastries--691: Fresh fruit kuchen, Blueberry and peach buckle
Cake and cupcakes--721: Oatmeal cake, Tomato soup cake (mystery cake), Banana cake Cockaigne
Cookies and bars--769: Pecan puffs, Sesame seed (benne seed) wafers, Flourless nut balls, Nutty dried fruit drops, Pecan lace
Icings, toppings, and glazes--799: Streusel topping, Honey-bee glaze, Glazes applied before or during baking I, II, III, IV, Glazes applied after baking I, II, III, IV, V, Translucent sugar glaze
Desserts--817: Chocolate terrine, Cold lemon souffle or Bavarian cream, Cold orange souffle or Bavarian cream, Cold lime souffle or Bavarian cream
Frozen desserts and sweet sauces--844: Hot lemon sauce, Hot lime sauce, Clear lemon sauce, Clear lime sauce, Cherry sauce
Candies and confections--873: Scotch toffee, Sesame seed brittle, English toffee, Buttercrunch
Jellies and preserves--934: Prickly pear jelly, Lemon jelly, Savory lemon jelly, Red red strawbery jam, Blueberry jam
Pickles and relishes--946: Sweet-and-sour spiced gherkins, Bread-and-butter pickles, Low-salt sweet cucumber slices, Pickled gherkins (cornichons)
Know your ingredients--1007: Quatre epices (spice Parisienne) I, Quatre epices (spice Parisienne) II, Ras el hanout

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