Monday, April 11, 2011

New Randomly Selected List--RSL3.5

The best part about running your own blog is that you can change the rules as you go along. I desperately wanted to start a new randomly selected list but haven't finished the last one, on which I haven't made very impressive progress. But, as Josh pointed out, it's my blog, so I can change things. I started a new randomly selected list. I promise to finish this one.

I decided that I should just combine RSL2 (which I never finished) and RSL3 (which I was 2/3 finished with). Recipes that have asterisks are from RSL2, while those that have ^'s are new to the list (I wanted to get an even 30 recipes).

I used to generate the numbers, throwing out pages that didn't contain recipes.

New rules:
I will finish the list whenever I manage, I never make the deadline anyway.
I can carry between 5-10 unmade recipes to the next list.
There will be thirty recipes on each list.

Any thoughts on this list?

I will update it with a link, the recipe chosen, and the date it was made.

35: Beverages--Flavored iced tea I, Flavored iced tea II, Flavored iced tea III, Herbal tea, Iced hibiscus tea, Hot cocoa^
127, Soups: Jellied soup, jellied tomato soup, jellied beet soup*
139: Stocks and soups: Scotch broth, pepper pot*
147: Stocks and soups--Becker blender gazpacho, white gazpacho, cold cucumber soup, winter fruit soup
148: Stocks and soups--Cherry soup, Ginger melon soup, Rose hip soup, Quick beef stew^
170: Salads--Pear, walnut, and endive salad, melon cups, bean salad, three-bean salad, black bean salad^
201: Egg dishes: Spanish omelet, egg white omelet*
251: Vegetables--Green bean casserole I, Green beans with onions, tomatoes, and dill^
274: Vegetables--Moussaka^
312: Vegetables--Stewed tomatoes, Fried green tomatoes, Tomatoes Creole^
355: Grains--Lentil and rice pilaf with toasted cumin seeds, Spiced vegetable pilaf with cashews, Becker rice and noodle pilaf^
381: Shellfish: Grilled, broiled, or roasted soft-shell crabs, Steaamed blue crabs, Poached (or boiled) hard-shelled crabs, Crab cakes*
401: Fish--Braised whole fish with red wine sauce, poached quenelles, gefilte fish
410: Fish--Fish and chips, marinated deep fried fish, Thai fish cakes
435: Poultry--Chicken tagine with chickpeas
472: Meat--Roasted fillet or tenderloin of beef, grilled fillet or tenderloin of beef (expensive!)
582: Savory sauces--Potato-garlic mayonnaise, Rouille (red pepper garlic mayonnaise)
600: Breads and coffee cakes: Oat bread cockaigne, Buttermilk potato bread, Challah*
615: Bread--Brioche au chocolat, Brioche a tete, Sectioned brioche loaf (going to make this with mom too!)
649: Pancakes, waffles, fritters, and doughnuts: Buckwheat crepes*
660: Pancakes--Cheese croquettes Cockaigne, Salmon croquettes, Chicken or turkey croquettes^
731: Cakes and cupcakes: Strawberry icebox cake, Mocha ice cream cake, Sicilian cassata, Moors' heads (mohrenkopfe)*
748: Cakes and cupcakes--High altitude angel food cake, High altitude coconut angel food cake, High altitude white cake
778: Cookies and bars--Rugalach, Individual nut tarts, jelly tots
791, Icings: Fluffy nut or coconut icing, luscious orange icing, chocolate fudge frosting*
814: Desserts: Pineapple snow, Snow pudding*
816, Desserts: Chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse with gelatin, white chocolate mousse with toasted almonds*
823: Desserts: Cottage pudding, Perisimmon buttermilk pudding, Pumpkin buttermilk pudding, Indian pudding, Sticky toffee pudding*
838: Frozen desserts and sweet sauces: Lemon sherbet, lime sherbet, cranberry sherbet, Ice pops I, Ice pops II, Snow cream*
853: Frozen desserts--Fresh strawberry sauce, Fresh mango sauce, Fresh blueberry sauce

I hope to power through this set! Finally, a RSL that is fairly season appropriate.

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