Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fish steaks poached in white wine (p. 400)

I bought a package of frozen tuna steaks on sale at the grocery store. I had never bought fish steaks in freezer bags--it was much cheaper than buying them in the seafood section, so I'm definitely going to do that again. I decided to make Fish steaks poached in white wine (p. 400) because it sounded easy and tasty.

I combined white wine, water, white wine vinegar, salt, whole peppercorns, coriander seeds, cloves, a bay leaf, a garlic clove, and dried herbs in a skillet and boiled it all over high heat:

I added the tuna steaks:

And cooked until they were done. Or actually overdone--tuna cooks really fast:

Even overdone it was really good. The poaching broth kept the fish totally tender and juicy and it was highly flavored from all the aromatics in the broth. The recipe was incredibly easy, which is always a big plus.

Random facts:
  • Tuna are large predator fish that swim in the open ocean and can reach speeds of 40 miles/70 kilometers an hour (On Food and Cooking, p. 201). What?? That's amazing.
  • Bluefin and bigeye tuna live in deep, cold water so they accumulate far more fat, making them more prized in many cultures (On Food and Cooking, p. 201).
  • Tuna schools often swim next dolphins. It's thought this is to guard against tuna-lovin' sharks (Wikipedia)
  • Canned tuna was first produced in 1903 (Wikipedia)

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