Sunday, August 14, 2011

FRIED BUTTER! At the Iowa State Fair

I have to preface this post by pointing out that I love the Iowa State Fair. I grew up in Iowa and have great memories of the state fair. I try to get back for it every year. The Iowa State Fair is over 150 years old and gets over a million visitors every year. It also features something like 60 foods available on sticks.

Every year, the state fair try to up the ante. And this year, a vendor at the Iowa State Fair started offering fried butter. Yes, fried butter.

I knew I had to try it.

I love trying strange food items, like the Mc1035.

There was only a small sign advertising the fried butter but a large line of people waiting for it when I showed up Thursday, the first day of the Iowa State Fair.

It appeared to be about a stick or so of butter, heavily battered in a cinnamon/sugar mixture, with frosting of some sort on the top:

Of course, since it was hot and fried, the butter melted and ran out. So it was like eating the fried outside of a food that was missing it's insides.

My friend Nicole got delicious cheese curds--for some reason she didn't feel like eating a stick of butter.

But I forced her to try the fried butter, too.

We only ate about four bites of it because it was really...odd. I can't say I'd get it again. But the shell was tasty and I do love butter. It wasn't nearly as buttery as you would expect, the sweet batter really overpowered the butter. But I'm glad I got it--now I can say I've eaten fried butter!

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  1. I've tried this at the Coastal Carolina Fair. It was a smaller chunk and the batter was plain. Most of the center had melted down, but, like you, HAD to at least TRY it....

  2. Aww, I <3 the Iowa State Fair, at least I got to go last year. Texas is probably the only other fair that could compete with it but Iowa's food is still way better. I did try a fried snickers completely expecting it to be disgusting and sadly, it was really good! (I say sadly because then I ate the whole thing).

    They had fried coke in TX. It looked rather gross too, just chunks of fried dough soaked in coke syrup, meh.

  3. this makes my stomach turn, im sorry but i want to live past 40 LOL


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