Saturday, March 20, 2010

The infamous Mc1035

I will warn you in advance--this is a non-TJOC post.

I was in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa for a few weeks in March. While I was there my friend Jimmy told me about the infamous Mc10:35. It's a secret menu item at McDonalds (specifically in San Fransisco) that is only avaliable during the switch from breakfast to lunch (hence the 10:35) because it's essentially a breakfast sandwich (a McMuffin) shoved into a McDouble (or, in our case, a double cheeseburger). Since The Consumerist said it was perfect hangover food, I made sure to go hungover ( was totally on purpose...right...).

Jimmy and I scouted McDonalds online and picked one near my mom's house. At about 10:15 we went and asked about it, using visual aids. and the manager seemed excited about the prospect, pointing out that we would have to wait until the shift between breakfast and lunch (obviously!).

Here is a picture of me with the giant burger:

It was amazing! I couldn't finish the whole thing but Jimmy had no problem with his. I would have preferred if it didn't have any condiments on it though--the pickles and mustard from the double cheeseburger were really strange. That being said, the egg was amazing with the burger and I think I'm going to eat hamburgers on english muffins from now on. Has anyone else eaten one of these?

And it was terrific hangover food. But it will never replace my favorite hangover food--chicken fried steak covered in that horrible white gravy.

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  1. Holy heck that's a lot of heart attack! i'll bet it's tasty though!


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