Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tuna-vegetable casserole (p. 97)

I was heading to Iowa for a few days and decided to whip something up for Josh to eat while I was gone. Something with tuna was the obvious choice since I hate it so much--I even hate the smell of it, so I thought Colorado to Iowa might be the perfect distance between tuna and I. Tuna-vegetable casserole (p. 97) seemed about perfect.

The recipe was simple. Saute mushrooms and onion in a half stick of butter (I love butter--and mushrooms, so maybe the recipe wouldn't be so bad...):

After the vegetables are tender, I mixed in some flour, and then whisked in some milk.

It occurred to me--I had just essentially made cream of mushroom soup! So when you make a quick casserole you must be able to skip all those steps. I wondered if it would matter.

A cup of cheddar and some pouch tuna were added to the milk mixture.

Cooked egg noodles, parsley, and a little salt and pepper were then added and cracker crumbs (and, full disclosure, crushed potato chips, Josh's favorite) were added to the top, with some butter, and into the oven it went:

(I don't have an after shot--just imagine this but darker)

How was it? (This was all second-hand, obviously) Josh said it was delicious but that (and I quote) it would be better with crushed Funyuns on top. He said it was much better than cream of mushroom soup casserole. And it was really easy. So if you don't want to go the Sandra Lee route, I really recommend this recipe.

That being said, re-read the title. Where exactly are the vegetables in this recipe? Do the mushrooms and onions really count? Don't you expect more vegetables when "vegetables" are in the title?

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