Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crispy potato skins (p. 79)

I had been meaning to make Crispy potato skins (p. 79)--I adore potato skins and although I've never made them, they seemed simple. The first step was to bake four baking potatoes (I used Yukon Golds which are all-purpose because I think they have the best flavor, but Russets or Idahos would work well too). When they cooled, I cut them open (and then hollowed them out).

A mixture of melted butter, chili powder, and garlic was mixed together. It was an unappetizing color.

The butter mixture was brushed on skins and baked for a half hour. There was enough butter that it pooled--I thought that was a good sign (I really like butter).

They were already smelling delicious when they came out of the oven (the first time).

Bacon and cheese (I used Colby Jack) were sprinkled on the top.

And the skins were baked for another five minutes.

They were DELICIOUS! Don't make them unless you are willing to eat them all though--because you will gorge yourself on them. Potatoes, butter, garlic, bacon, AND cheese? Those are some of my favorite foods. Potato skins, baba ghanosh, veggies with blue cheese dressing, tortilla chips (with salsa), and potato chips with sour cream dip would be awesome for a football game, Super Bowl party, or any other appetizer event.

And Happy Birthday to Jennifer at Pieknits! Go check out her blog at , especially if you are a knitter. She occasionally posts recipes, too, and they are usually unique (saffron cookies) and always awesome.

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  1. Hehe thank you! And Potato Skins are one of my ultimate favorite foods too! I've never tried to make them either, seemed like kinda involved with several steps, but each step doesn't look that hard. Will put this on the "to make" list, yum.


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