Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tortilla chips (p. 94)

I was hungry and needed a snack so I decided to make Tortilla chips (p. 94). I feel that if the recipe is something that I can easily (and cheaply) pick up at the grocery store, the homemade version needs to be either really easy or incredibly good or both, to be worth making.

The recipe was easy--cut corn tortillas into quarters (or eigths, if you like smaller chips like I do). Place them (gently) in hot oil. These would be even easier in a deep fat fryer, but I don't have mine set up currently.

Turn them once, cook a little more, and blot them on a paper towel.

Before I knew it I had a huge pile of nicely browned chips. They were really good--make sure to remember to salt them. This would be a terrific use of broken tortilla shells. The tortilla chips passed the test--they were easy and delicious, so I will definitely make them again. Has anyone else made chips from scratch before?

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