Monday, December 1, 2008

Boiled Potatoes (Pommes Anglaise) (p. 295)

Sadly, I'm about four blogs behind again. I can only blame it on being sick and not being well enough to concentrate on posting. That same problem is to blame for my lack of cooking recently, which really makes me mad, since I was finally jetting through a ton of recipes.

I made one of the easiest recipe in the entire book--Boiled Potatoes (Pommes Anglaise) (p. 295). How do you make this?

Peel some potatoes and if "in haste", as I always am, cut the potatoes into chunks. Cook them in boiled water for about a half hour.

Drain the potatoes:

And there you go! That's the whole recipe. Again, this must be among the easiest recipes in TJOC--and I'm running out of potato recipes!

I just posted four recipes before this ones, so make sure to read them all...

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