Sunday, November 5, 2017

Did you miss me?

We are going to do this in a list format.

1.  I missed you!  I've been cooking for the blog this entire time but not writing about it, which means I have to make the things again.  I have gone back and forth on this issue--should I just count them done or do I have to redo them?  And I think I have to redo them.  This is essentially a diary for me and I really miss having it.  I don't miss writing the blog but it's gotten easier as I've been ignoring it.

2.  I've had huge life changes in the meantime!  My life is nearly 100% different than it was when I started this blog.  New state, new husband, new family size, new everything (other than my beloved dog!).

3.  I can't believe you all are still reading this.  I really can't.  My blog stats are fantastic.  Better than people who blog regularly.  And that's thanks to you.

4.  Blog add-ons and such have drastically shifted since I've been ignoring the blog.  This is going to force the redesign that should have happened long ago.

5.  That fear I had of the new edition of TJOC coming out?  We are in crunch time I suspect.


7.  On the other hand, I live near cheap and tasty seafood now.

8.  I just brainstormed the idea of monthly "happy hour" style parties at my house so that I can knock off recipes.  I want to be more social (introverts unite!) but it's hard and I think this would be a good way to see my friends more often which is hard with the baby.

9.  I need to update my Washingtonian list because I've been kicking ass in that regard.

10.  My photography skills have improved in the last couple of years so I'm pleased that my pictures won't be quite the dumpster fires they have been in the past.

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