Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scallion and mushroom soup (p. 145)

Again, catching up on those super, super old posts that I should have written a year ago!   Scallion and mushroom soup (p. 145) is one of the ones that is difficult to write about now because it wasn't very interesting.

To start I beat butter until it was fluffy and then added scallions:

Seemed like a strange step
 I added salt and pepper and cooked it all for about ten minutes (so, really, just cooking the scallions in a ton of butter):

I removed the pot from the heat and added flour and chicken stock:

It was simmered for about ten minutes:

I added thinly sliced mushrooms:

I used the immersion blender and blended the whole thing (sooooo much easier than using the sieve that TJOC recommends).  I also added some cream (making it a "cream of" soup).  The soup was not an attractive color:

I added some more of the thinly sliced mushrooms:

It was okay.  It required a TON of salt to bring out the flavors, and, even then, was pretty bland.  I like cream of mushroom soup quite a bit but button mushrooms are not the most delicious and scallions don't really add that much.  Maybe with more black pepper and salt and a ton of garlic, the soup could be improved.  Then again, it's possible that not everybody is as obsessive as I am about soup.  Has anyone else made this recipe?  How do you feel about cream soups?

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