Monday, August 6, 2012

I need your advice!

First of all--I promise I'm not dead and I have a TON of posts backlogged that I still need to post.  They haven't been posted due to a complicated problem caused by my laptop, my external hard drive, and my internet, but I really need to solve the problem.  I haven't been cooking much because I've been depressed and cooking for one is lame but I am feeling so much better and that makes me want to cook!  I'm even thinking of throwing a dinner party.

But my new kitchen and apartment=tiny.  Any hints for cooking in a small space?  I'm not used to it.

And most importantly--how do you like the new look of this blog?  I need comments!  Is it too busy and impersonal?  Is it more attractive?  LET ME KNOW! 

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  1. The hardest part is momentum. Just start cooking--cook anything, chop vegetables, boil water, toast bread. Get into the rhythm again, and soon enough you'll be inspired again. Challenges (small kitchens, cooking for one, etc) are great catalysts, although they can be discouraging as well. Here's to better days.
    In case you're looking for some ideas or a place to start, some recent favorite recipes we've tried include: soupe au pistou (think it's called something like vegetable soup Provencal), samosas, quiche with tomatoes and goat cheese, lemon bars. Soup and samosa leftovers can be frozen. Quiche and lemon bars can be shared.

  2. Small kitchen cooking tip - just keep cleaning things. When my spouse and I cook, I often feel like I'm the clean up service. When you're done one piece or portion, clean up your countertop, clean up the dishes, etc. That way you avoid filling every possible surface with mixing bowls, filling the sink, etc. Also, prep as much beforehand as possible, because it gets harder to do things when you run out of space. ie - chop every single vegetable, at your table, before you start cooking. Then you're not trying to push a small corner out to chop tomatoes and then have them run all over everything.


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