Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shrimp scampi (p. 386)

Loyal fans. I apologize. I apologize so much for the break. It was not intentional. But I REALLY needed to finish my PhD. It now (barring any bureaucratic problems) is finished! I'm Dr. Jessica Lynn! I have a new job and I'm living in Washington DC, so it's been a time of big changes! Time to enjoy some of this awesome East Coast seafood!

And I'm at least 50 recipes behind on TJOTJOC. Yes, FIFTY. So there will be a LOT of posts happening soon. But I'm going to break my normal routine and I'm not going to backdate most of them (other than Thanksgiving, which, of course, I didn't write about when it happened). So they should show up mostly as new.

Also, I've been told that some people can't comment on the blog. Has anyone else had any trouble trying to comment? That makes me so sad! Everyone knows that bloggers get all their self-esteem through comments and Facebook likes.

Shrimp scampi (p. 386) is a recipe I'm really familiar with as I'm Italian-American and my family made it relatively often. That being said almost all scampi recipes are different. And this one was totally different than my family's recipe.

It was certainly easy. I sauteed minced garlic in olive oil over very low heat until it was golden (don't rush this, you'll be sorry if you do, because the garlic will burn and you'll have to start over). I added about two lbs of shrimp. I cooked the shrimp until they started to turn pink and added minced parsley. When the shrimp were fully cooked I sprinkled with lemon juice and it was done:

It was a nice, simple scampi. Nothing amazingly special but easy and simple. I recommend this for a fast shrimp dish. You could easily put it on spaghetti if you wanted, too, and pump up the meal. Make sure to add the lemon juice because it really brightens the dish.

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