Thursday, September 8, 2011

Asparagus I (p. 249)

I make asparagus all the time because both Josh and I love it. Even so, I haven't made most of the TJOC asparagus recipes (I usually just steam it). I decided to go ahead and make Asparagus I (p. 249).

I steamed the asparagus, like I normally do:

I always just snap off the ends. Josh always snaps off far more than I do (and my mom seems to throw away most of the asparagus!)--where do you guys consider the ends? Do you cut or snap?

I melted butter in a saucepan and added breadcrumbs. I cooked it for about a minute:

I sprinkled the breadcrumbs over the asparagus:

Believe it or not I loved it! The breadcrumbs were delicious on the asparagus! This is definately an extremely easy way to improve an already delicious veggie. The breadcrumbs were pretty much delicious on everything they were sprinkled on.

Story time! Growing up I absolutely hated asparagus. HATED it. This was very unfortuante for my mother because asparagus was her favorite vegetable but I would not eat it. Somehow in the following years my tastes must have changed because when I tried it again at about 21 or so, I love it, and have loved it ever since. Have you ever had a food that you hated as a child but love as an adult?

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  1. I'm a snapper, myself. You don't end up with as much asparagus, but you also don't get any stringing ends.

  2. Hi Jessica! I just got a copy of TJOC and discovered your blog as I was about to try my first recipe from the book. I have a feeling I'll be referring to your blog a lot. Glad I found it! My chicken rice casserole experience is blogged if you want to see how it turned out. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Oh, and by the way, I HATED mushrooms as a child. Tried them as an adult and they became a favorite. Then, when I was pregnant, I couldn't stand the sight (or smell!) of them. Luckily, that went away after my daughter was born. I love mushrooms now!

  4. I think the breadcrumbs add a nice touch. I have to try this on next dinner.

  5. So many things. Olives, mushrooms, pumpkin, broccoli all come to mind.

  6. Couldn't stand sauerkraut when I was a kid, hated the smell, hated it. Mom loved it, of course, and would make pork chops and sauerkraut a lot. One day, I woke up and really wanted the stuff. Don't know why, still can't explain it but I love sauerkraut now. Yum!

  7. I've just tried this recipe, but im afraid to say it didn't really go down well with me. Perhaps the breadcrumbs were too fine, it was like some annoying dust was on my asparagus. (Are the there different kinds of breadcrumbs? Perhaps I should try with homemade breadcrumbs from now on.)
    Re foods: Yeah I hated peppers, broccoli and courgettes, and now I love them. I guess that's why the term "acquired taste" was coined!

  8. I snap low on the stalk where it wants to snap naturally. I picked that tip up from Cook's Illustrated (or their affiliated TV show, I can't recall which). That's where the woody part ends and the edible part begins.

    Though I usually don't eat all the way down. My dogs love to eat my left over ends (from my plate, not the woody stuff).

  9. My favourite asparagus recipe is a sesame steamed asparagus that I found in a Company's Coming cookbook. The mix of sesame oil and the dash of hot sauce gives it a lot of flavour.

  10. Great idea! I'll have to try the breadcrumb idea.

  11. I just stumbled upon your blog while googling the marshmallow recipe from Joy of Cooking (I'm too lazy to get up and pick up my copy :) ) I love this cookbook and am so glad to have found your website to see you review for the recipes! I hadn't come across this recipe for asparagus yet...will be giving it a try!


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