Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I've been up to lately

As I posted before, I am still around! I haven't been doing a great job of timely posting but I'm getting the blog updated so keep checking back. If you don't read this blog in a blog reader, you might have to dig behind this post in a couple days because I date them the day I made the recipe, not the day I posted about it. I WILL be totally updated by the end of tomorrow night, including Thanksgiving!

I promise this to be one of my rare non-food posts. I am squeamish about talking about my non-food related life on my blog but I thought I would open up a little.

What have I been up to (in no particular order)?
1. I've been diligently working on my dissertation! I feel like an excellent student.

2. My friends Erin and Nicole flew me down to New Orleans for my birthday to hang out with them for a week or so! And since my birthday is next to Halloween, we spent some amazing time in costume.

For all of you who grew up in the 80's, we were Jem, Aja, and Pizzazz:

I've worn this costume two years now--it's custom--and still don't have a full-length picture. And the costume is amazing. For actual Halloween, I was Princess Leia. My costume was good enough that tourists kept stopping me for pictures. Erin was an Orion slave girl, so we were nice and dorky.

3. On my last visit to Des Moines I discovered that La Mie bakery has amazing macarons. I LOVE macarons. I used to gorge myself on them in Tokyo and I am incredibly excited to have a new source:

4. Mom and Josh bought me an amazing selection of tiny cakes for my pre-birthday celebration:

Look at all these amazing cakes (from Whole Foods):

5. When mom visited, we had a 1:1 dog to person ratio. And all of them love food. Look at that focus!

6. While at mom's house, I decimated her basil plants and turned them in to pesto. Look at all the pesto!

And that is what I've been up to! I apologize if you only tune in for food posts.

Actually, I would love to know your feelings on non-food posts--like them, hate them, don't care?

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  1. Loved your Halloween costumes, looked like so much fun! Sadly I didn't get basil in this year and miss my winter supply of pesto. She must have had quite a few plants!


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