Monday, July 12, 2010

Glazed root vegetables (p. 245) and Turkey tetrazzini (p. 96)

I am really happy to be making such great TJOC progress. The one problem is that I am quickly running through all the easy or delicious sounding recipes in the chapters where I'm the furthest ahead (Stocks and soups, Brunch, lunch, and supper, Appetizers and hors d'oeuvres).

I've eyed the Glazed root vegetables (p. 245) for a while because I always have carrots and potatoes on hand. I combined the potatoes and carrots (you can use any root veggies) with chicken stock, butter, sugar, and salt.

I noticed that the recipe didn't mention how long it would take, which is probably because it would be different depending on the combination of vegetables. Even so, it took a REALLY long time to cook down.

Delicious! I love carrots and potatoes. This recipe has an underlying sweetness but relies much more on the inherent flavor of the vegetables than on any spicing. The glaze was perfect. I'm tend to butter the heck out of potatoes and carrots but this mix didn't require any extra. I'm sure I will make it again. Plus, it doesn't take the oven, so it's great for the summer.

I know almost nothing about Turkey tetrazzini (p. 96) except it was a common hot lunch item and I've never eaten it. The idea of spaghetti in a casserole always disgusted me. I didn't have any turkey but I did have chicken (which TJOC mentioned as an acceptable substitution).

I started by cooking mushrooms in almost a stick of butter. I added flour:

I whisked in chicken broth and milk:

And added my cooked chicken. I didn't add the almonds because I knew this was going to make a TON of casserole and Josh doesn't like nuts and I did not want to eat it all myself. I mixed it with elbow macaroni (no way I was going to use spaghetti noodles if I didn't have to) and poured the mixture into a prepared pan. I sprinkled Parmesan cheese on the top:

And popped it in the oven:

This was amazing. I thought it would be bland because it had no seasoning at all. It was kind of bland but in a good way. I think this would be the PERFECT dish when you are bringing over a dish and you:
1. Don't know what the people like. Unless they are vegetarians or don't like mushrooms, this is a pretty innocuous recipe.
2. Are making a dinner for a lot of children.
3. Are making a dish to bring to someone going through chemotherepy. Both Josh and mom couldn't tolerate a lot of spicing during their bouts with chemo. This is a filling dish that heats up really well.

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