Monday, July 19, 2010

Egg drop soup (p. 124) and Grilled or roasted corn I (p. 271)

I can't say that Egg drop soup (p. 124) is something I regularly order at Chinese restaurants. When I was a little kid, I loved egg drop soup, but as I grew I started liking the much more flavorful hot and sour soup a lot more. I don't think I've had egg drop soup at a restaurant in years. It always seems so bland.

The recipe is incredibly simple (and I doubled it). I beat an egg in a bowl and boiled some chicken stock:

I added the egg to the broth slowly and drew wide circles until the egg cooked in long strands:

I was actually pretty impressed with this recipe. It looked exactly like professional egg drop soup. It was quite good and amazingly easy. Even so, it was pretty bland. To me, egg drop soup is the ginger ale of soups--perfect for when you are sick but too bland for other uses.

Josh and I don't utilize the grill for anything but meat, so Rachel keeps talking about grilled vegetables and they sounded really good. We only had sweet corn and zucchini on hand (the sweet corn in Colorado isn't a fraction as good as it is in Iowa). I decided to make Grilled or roasted corn I (p. 271).

We soaked the corn in water for a few hours:

And the corn were thrown onto the grill:

They cooked pretty fast:

The corn was really good (other than the aforementioned flavor issue), especially after being coated with butter, salt, and pepper. I think it was more tasty than my typical boiling method. What other vegetables are good on the grill? I really liked the zucchini but would like some variety.

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  1. Peppers, onions, asparagus and potatoes are all delicious on the BBQ in addition to the veggies you mentioned!


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