Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sauteed summer squash (p. 308) and Montreal

I'm amazingly behind in my blog, yet again. It's been an eventful summer! Between June and August, I went to Chicago, Des Moines, Montreal, New Orleans, and Fayetteville--I've been super busy.

When I was in Montreal I went with my father to an amazing deli for lunch. I had never had a terrine before and always thought they seemed really retro (and not in a cool way). We happened to be in Montreal for Bastille Day (I didn't really think I should be celebrating something as horrific and bloody as the French Revolution, but when in Rome...) and were served a TERRIFIC cheese and meat platter with a truly delicious terrine. My TJOC only has one terrine recipe (and it's chocolate), which really surprised me. At times I think that TJOC seems much more retro than it actually is.

I also decided to eat the famous Canadian poutine. Poutine is ubiquitous across Canada and is even sold in fast food restaurants. It's an absolutely bizarre concoction. French fries, topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. And it's delicious.

Back to TJOC, I made Sauteed summer squash (p. 308) out of some yellow squash that dad gave me from his giant garden. I love summer squash even though my father tried his damnedest to make me hate it--at dad's house in the summer, most dinners consisted of pork, summer squash, green beans, and beets.

The recipe was easy--I cooked some onion (also from dad's garden) in a little butter, then added diced squash and a little salt and pepper. TJOC states that it should only take six minutes but it took my squash about a half hour to cook (par for the course, I think just about everything in TJOC takes much longer to cook than it should).

How was it? Very tasty. The squash was soft without being soggy and had a nice crispy buttery outside. It's a perfect choice for anyone who has an overproducing garden. And I could eat a LOT of summer squash before being sick of it.

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