Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pasta primavera (p. 327)

Pasta primavera (p. 327) is a dish that I like but never order and have never made. I'm not sure why I've never made it--I think it's because every recipe I've ever spotted for it seems to require a very specific mix of vegetables that I don't have on hand. TJOC is much more flexible in it's vegetable requirements and (basically) just required what you have on hand. And I had a terrific cache of fresh vegetables from my dad.

I cooked zucchini and green beans in some salted water and then fished them out with a sieve and rinsed them under cold water (to stop them from cooking further). The vegetables weren't drained so that the hot water could but used to cook the spaghetti, which was a time-efficient step.

An onion and a couple carrots were then cooked in a olive oil and butter. The cooked squash and beans were added, along with some peas.

Heavy cream was stirred in to the vegetables:

The pasta, along with Parmesan cheese, was stirred in after the cream reduced and thickened.

How was it? Pretty good! I actually really enjoyed it and it fried up absolutely perfectly--in fact I think it was better the next day. Now that I realize you can make pasta primavera with any vegetables, I'll be sure to make it again, espacially when people have given me fresh vegetables. I also am happy to have it in my repotoire in case I ever have a vegetarian dinner guest, since it seems to be the go-to vegetarian meal for banquets.

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