Sunday, June 15, 2008

Japan, end of week one--BBQ people? Part 3/3

There are three blogs today--go check out the other two! There is a LOT to look at :) This is the shortest of the three!

In Harajuku, I went into a costume shop...I think. I hope! What the heck is on the ladies head--on the left? Someone would wear that out in public?

Sometimes I see signs in English and I don't think they are conveying the message they mean to. Like this one. It's a tanning salon...I don't think BBQ is sending the right message through.

Or "Pee" anywhere in your name. I don't want to buy Bruce's Pee.

Sometimes I see stuff that reminds me of my friends. I picked up some fabric for myself and some for Jennifer. I hope you like money cats and koi! I'm going to send her the paper too, assuming she wants it.

This guitar shop also reminded me of Jennifer's family. In Shibuya there was a whole music area that was really interesting.

I found these little knit people in Asakusa. I LOVE them. I don't think they were for sale though. If anyone could make these, I would pay! The woman has rice and the man has yakitori--and a beer :) How cute!!

So until next week. Apparently four times a week isn't enough--I don't want to break it into three blogs again :)

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  1. Not "someone would wear?" more like someone should definately wear- on her head rocks!

  2. You like knitted people? What happened to no knick knacks? Are you getting old?

  3. I love the fashion....can't wait to see that. Hope you are shopping

  4. Josh--it's like Star Wars horns. I can't imagine seeing a person wearing those--in fact, I think that I would have to take a picture.

    Ben--You forget (which I find amazing considering you put them together) the cubes. The cubes are for "knick knacks" if you will. Like elderly knitted Japanese people!

    Anon--I'm trying not to shop too much as of now :) Want to save some of that money until people visit!

  5. For Meeeeeeeeeeee!? Aww, sweet! Yeay!

    That BBQ sign cracks me up - I love odd signage. You're right on about the guitar shop too- even has Fenders
    in the sign. :)

    The knit people are super cute too! I like how they did the hair, hadn't seen it done like that before. Would probably be relatively simple to make actually.

  6. The signs are funny - they're not English, they're Engrish.
    Great blog!


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