Monday, June 9, 2008

Japan, day three, and the Craigslist crazies

I was randomly on the Tokyo craigslist today. I kind of like it because I can read it--I'm learning that is something to savor. That being said, I think westerners are even more obnoxious in Japan than they are in America/Canada/Europe. I mean, come on. First off, there is a plethera of ads that say, more or less, give me money. Here are a couple examples:

1. I'm an idiot who is coming to a foreign country without any plans:

2. If you say you are beautiful in the title, you damn well better be spectacular. And I sure hope this guy is kidding. If not, as my mom would say, I would love to have his mirror.

3. First off, if you are half one race and half a different race, how are you more ethnically anything? I would say you are equal parts of both those ethnicities. Secondly, maybe this guy should go to one of those mail-order bride web sites.

4. This person is honestly saying that they think you should give them $5000 so they can travel Europe. I feel that takes brass ovaries--and not in a good way.

So if you are still with me, I had my first day of work today--hooray! It went well. My boss met me in the morning and lead me to work. I took notes but still entered the subways armed with maps and a look of utter confusion. The bright side of this is that a Japanese girl took pity on me, helped me work my maps, and then gave me her card (and I gave her mine) for if I wanted to hang out (she very possibly just wants to practice her English, but that's fine!).

For those of you who loved the parade, I later saw it from my house! See it in the middle?

Nobody loves vending machines like the Japanese. There must be ten for every person. Beer (up to pony kegs!), soda, coffee, everything is sold out of these.

Sunday's delicious meal...beef curry. Almost zero beef, but still really good.

It is incredibly humid in Japan. Thankfully, I'm used to this, having grown up in Iowa. But man, if you weren't, you would be melting. And they tell me it rains all the time. It certainly did yesterday. Look how dreary it is. There is a subway stop in the picture, but not the one I use to get to work.

I decided to go find something to eat. I had wandered around, lost, for a while, and was wet.

I passed an expensive car store on my street. I don't even know what these cars are!

I then found an Indian restaurant. I didn't know it was Indian until I walked in, but i thought what the heck, I like Indian food! I ordered my favorite, aloo gobi with naan. When I ordered the naan, the guy looked at me funny, but didn't say anything. And I noticed he was making it from scratch. First, I got a tiny, vinegar-y salad. It was really good.

It was about a thousand degrees in the resturant so I got a Mango Lassi. I love Lassi's and this one tasted extremely fresh. I wish I had one right now.

So the Aloo Gobi comes. Looks great! I taste it. Strong spices, delicious.

And then the naan.....

Yes, the naan was the size of...of...of something huge! It was enormous! That is an American sized dinner plate sized basket it's hanging off of! But it was fresh...and good...but huge! No wonder he looked at me strange! I did eat most of it though.

I might not blog for a few days, I don't want to post from work and my computer is giving me trouble, of course. It should be a real blast dealing with this issue in another language. At least my computer is Japanese! Wish me luck.


  1. I absolutely troll the Tokyo Craigslist at work when I'm bored. I recommend the 'erotic services' section when you want to feel better about yourself. Casual encounters is always entertaining. Lots of white boys posting pics of their big American peepees for little Japanese submissives to worship!

  2. I know, it's a great Craigslist. There is currently this girl who wants to come here and model--um, if you haven't been contacted the first six thousand times you posted, why would you now?

    I think they should all come to Japan--it would be a big wake-up call. Just because people are polite doesn't mean they like you!

  3. Strangely I spotted a contervible PT cuiser sitting next to a Lotus? But I dunno exotic cars that well...or dancers

  4. I don't know if there was a PT cruiser but they just put a mini cooper right in front. I think that's funny--all of these REALLY expensive cars in the back and a relatively cheap (2 million yen--about 20,000 USD) Mini Cooper front and center.

  5. This post has left me with a really strong desire for a Mango Lassi and to smack some of these people.

    Yeay for hours of craigslist entertainment on the job though!

  6. I don't know what a Lassi is. And od you say it like the rescuing dog hero or Lah-see?

  7. Lah-see. And they are delicious--kind of like smoothies. They have differant flavors but I've only had the mango type (even in the US).


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