Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Potstickers (p. 93)


Everybody loves Potstickers (p. 93) (or gyoza, which I call them when I'm feeling ethnic!). But would I be able to make them? They seem kind of difficult.

Fortunately, pork was on sale!

First step was pretty easy--pork, garlic, ginger, cilantro, oyster sauce, chili paste, sesame oil, and seasonings. I chose against adding the apricots--it just seemed really strange. The chili paste was delicious--but daammmnnn it was hot!

I mixed everything with my hands, which is always kind of fun! I wanted to make sure it really was evenly distributed because a mouthful of that chili sauce might be a hellava surprise!

Then it was onto making the wontons. Not too difficult--brush the wrapper with eggs, place about a spoonful of meat into the middle, and then pinch the edges closed. I did them in batches of about eight, which kept the process moving.

The potstickers then were boiled for 8 minutes and drained. I drained them over a bowl in my handy blue colander. I'm pretty sure this colander was one of my roommates at one time...uh oh!

I was afraid they were going to stick together but it wasn't a problem.

The potstickers then had to be pan-fried.

This recipe wasn't hard but took FOREVER because of all the steps. Josh ADORED these. The recipe really does make fifty, so make sure you have a use for lots of potstickers or you will be eating them for a really long time.

And lastly....

Happy Easter from Josh, Jessica, and Duchie!

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