Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Leftover Potato Cakes (p. 301)

So it's the day after Christmas and we have a bunch of leftovers. I made the mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner and they were delicious--but there are some left over, of course. I spot the recipe for Leftover Potato Cakes (p.301). I giggle about the name for a while. It sounds like the potato cakes are leftover, not that leftover potatoes are made into cakes. I'm such a dork.

For this recipe, you pretty much take mashed potatoes, mix in some of whatever you want, fashion them into cakes, dip them into flour, and panfry them. I mixed together some garlic and a few eggs, which when mixed into the potatoes was gross and mucous-y. Even when dipped into flour they were sticky.

This picture shows the garlic egg mixture in the upper left hand corner, plain mashed potatoes on the left, and the mucous-y mixture on the left. TJOC is visible in the far left of the picture. Isn't the marble counter nice? I really should have made candy while I was there and utilized the table...

The little cakes frying. Flour did not stick to them as well as you would have expected...although they did fry up an attractive golden color:

They were fairly pretty when cooked but fairly bland. I smeared butter onto them and they were still on the bland side. I think that maple syrup or something would be better on them...

Even so, they were really easy. And the recipe has a LOT of room for interpretation so you could really get creative. It's nice to use leftovers in a new way...

They apparently didn't excite me enough to make me take a picture of the finished product!

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