Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baked Beans (p. 255) and Chicken Curry (p. 434)

I have been super busy lately so I decided to make some good food for the future days. What would freeze well?

I decided to make Baked Beans (p. 255). I like baked beans and all the previous homemade beans I've eaten I've thought were damn good. So why not make my own? I forgot to put the white beans soaking the night before, so I used TJOC's quick soak method. It totally worked, and it is quicker than overnight, but it isn't what I would call "quick". It still takes well over an hour.

I used salt pork for the top, which was tasty. I think I might be the only person who buys salt pork at our grocery store, because it was clearanced this week. I put curry in it, because curry makes everything better (and it was an optional ingredient). I cooked them for the full 4.5 hours. What were they like? I think they were bland. I won't be making this recipe again! Even so, I ate them for three meals...

For dinner Monday night I made Chicken Curry (p. 434). This may be the most challenging thing I've made from TJOC. First, the spices and onions look about burned by the time that you put yogurt in.

As it thickened it looked really tasty. And it smelled great! I used a jalapeno in it and it didn't make the curry too hot. I also diced the onion instead of slicing it, mostly because I didn't read through the recipe before starting.

The sauce pre-chicken:

The chicken, finished, without sauce:

With sauce--YUM!

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