Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pop's deviled eggs (p. 195) and Melon and prosciutto I (p. 230)

I decided to make a couple of food items to bring to a pre-4th of July party I was attending. As I said before, everyone seems to like deviled eggs, so I thought I would make Pop's deviled eggs (p. 195).

I always pipe everything using a plastic bag, so I just mix it in there, too. Helps eliminate the mess! I added mayonnaise, chili sauce, black pepper, celery salt, and dry mustard straight to the bag:

I smooshed (yes, that is the technical term) it all together:

And piped it in to the egg whites:

The eggs:

Frankly, I think they looked a little...gross. I mean, the chili sauce turned the yolks almost a brown color, which wasn't very appetizing. And the celery salt flavor came through loud and clear in the flavor--a little too loud and clear in my opinion. I don't think I would bother with this recipe in the future. I really hate the color.

I never liked melon, so the fact that I'm now allergic to it doesn't concern me much. I particularly don't like the combination of Melon and prosciutto (p. 230) which was a typical appetizer in my Italian-American family.

I cut up the melon. Big slices (each side cut into 6 slices):

The recipe says to just "drape" the ham over the melon:

My mom thought that was ridiculous. So she wrapped the melon:

Wrapping the melon did look a lot better. This was not a popular appetizer at the barbecue and really doesn't hold well at all. I know people like the combination of the salty ham and the sweet melon but I've never quite "gotten" the combo.

So, readers, do you like prosciutto and melon?

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  1. I LOVE proscuitto and melon.

    Proscuitto wrapped asparagus is also excellent - can you eat asparagus?

  2. Sorry, I'm backlog reading. :) I just taught my mom that same Deviled egg trick, lol. And I don't really like melon either- but I liked your prosciutto melon!


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