Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grilled or broiled fruit II (p. 214) and Ham loaf (p. 106)

I love pineapple but I'm becoming increasingly allergic to it. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I can usually eat canned pineapple and cooked pineapple. So cooked, canned pineapple should be absolutely fine, right? Plus, I really like cooked pineapple! So I was looking forward to Grilled or broiled fruit (p. 214).

I took my pineapple rings, arranged them in a shallow baking pan, and sprinkled them with salt. I omitted the cinnamon because I don't like cinnamon. Into the oven they went to be broiled:

I checked them after a few minutes. Nothing. So I turned them all. I checked them a few minutes later. Still not done.

A minute later, they looked like this:

1. This proves how unevenly my oven cooks.
2. A lot can happen in a minute!
3. I'm pretty sure most of the pineapple has been rendered inedible.

Crap. The ones I could eat were kind of dry and rubbery--not as delicious as I expected. I don't think I would bother with this recipe more than the one more time I have to (Grilled or broiled fruit I).

I have a special attraction to the TJOC recipes that are obviously from another time. Ham loaf (p. 106) is definitely one of those recipes. Have you ever eaten a ham loaf? I'm guessing no. Have you ever eaten a meat based loaf other than the simple meatloaf? Unless you spend a lot of time in French areas that serve terrines (which I love) the answer is undoubtedly "no".

I was optimistic though. I love ham. I love loafs.

I pulsed two cups of diced ham in a food processor:

I mixed my ham with dry bread crumbs, eggs, and Dijon mustard. I let it stand to blend the flavors , then smashed it in to a buttered loaf pan:

It seemed too short when I filled up the whole loaf pan, so I scrunched it over so it was taller. I baked it until firm:

I loved this bizarre recipe. Not only would it be perfect for that "Mad Men" party you are throwing, it was delicious! Ham, mustard, loaf, yum! It was salty and perfect. It was good both by itself (as I ate it) or in a sandwich (as Josh ate it). And who doesn't want another way to use up ham? Eventually, you get sick of ham sandwiches and omelets.

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  1. You chopped all that ham in the little processor? I wish I had some

  2. Very Interesting. I would like to throw a Mad Men Party...this may have to be on the menu.

  3. I wish I could have come to your Mad Men party! And of course love any excuse to do vintage. :)

    Am intrigued by the ham loaf. You're right I've never had anything other than meatloaf (which I loooove) so I may have to give this a try. Last holiday I did eventually get sick of ham sandwiches and omelets after awhile.


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