Monday, June 28, 2010

Grilled venison chops with blue cheese and caraway butter (p. 529)

After knocking out a game recipe with Rachel on Saturday night, it seemed smart to make a second dish for lunch on Sunday using the rest of the venison loin. We decided that Grilled venison chops with blue cheese and caraway butter (p. 529) looked promising.

I mixed butter with blue cheese, caraway seeds, Worcestershire sauce, and a little salt and pepper. We used Rachel's new immersion blender which turns into a little chopper (I have the same blender and I LOVE it).



I cut the venison into chops:

The chops were quickly cooked and topped with butter:

This was a seriously delicious dish. The slight gaminess of the venison was offset by the strong flavors of blue cheese and caraway. I always associate caraway with bread or cabbage, so it was interesting to use it to spice meat. Jon and I both thought this was the superior dish of the two while Rachel liked the steaks with tomato sauce. Both of these meals were good enough to convince me that maybe I was too hasty with my dislike of venison. And I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on some more of the deer meat the next time I'm in town--I have five more recipes to make!

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