Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fish baked in foil (p. 399) with Bercy butter (p. 559)

I usually cruise the clearance fish section at the grocery store and I stumbled upon some nice looking tilapia. I know I'm amazingly behind on the fish chapter, so it seemed like a perfect time to buy!

I decided to make Fish baked in foil (p. 399), which seemed fast and easy (making it perfect for a weekend lunch).

The first step was to make the flavored butter--I made Bercy butter (p. 559). It was simple. I simmered some chopped shallot and white wine. I was hungry, so instead of cooling it down, I just mixed it right into the softened butter. Of course, that essentially melted the butter. I figured that didn't matter because the butter was going to melt in the oven anyway...

I smeared the butter all over the fish:

Wrapped it into a cute little envelope and I popped it into the oven:

And voila!! Done!

It was delicious! Perfectly cooked and really, really moist, likely due to the thousand pounds of butter. This is not a fish for the weight watchers out there! But I'm trying to eat more fish, so it was perfect (of course, that only means that I am hoping to eat fish once every three to four months instead of only on Christmas eve or when we decide to eat salmon).

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