Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Egg noodles with garlic and bread crumbs (p. 330)

I needed something very quick because I had been very busy. I usually look in the pasta chapter when I need something fast. Egg noodles with garlic and bread crumbs (p. 330) seemed to fit the bill. I melted a stick of butter, then added some garlic and a cup of bread crumbs. It was a LOT of breadcrumbs--an inappropriate amount of bread crumbs, I thought.

Eventually the bread crumbs brown and a little parsley is stirred in.

At this point, a pound (a pound?? Why didn't I cut this recipe down??) of egg noodles were added.

How was it? It tasted like it looked--like egg noodles covered in bread crumbs. Not my thing. I think this recipe goes in the "no thank you" pile. I wonder how the authors came up with some of these recipes and I imagine it went like this:

"Hmm...I'm so hungry but all my food spontaneously combusted except for a bag of egg noodles, some stale bread, and a stick of butter. And gophers dug up my entire garden--except for my garlic. Maybe I can combine it all--tada! Into the book it goes!"

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