Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week six and Emily's visit

Okay, I haven't blogged for a while, mostly because I'm so angry! My camera was either lost or stolen (in America) and of course I hadn't got the final pictures off of it! So the vast majority of pictures of mom and I? Gone. The final pictures of me at work? Gone. I'm so angry about it...and this refrain is going to return in the next blog because I'm really really angry about it.

But I'm hoping it will be cathartic to write this blog.

First--Emily came to visit me in Tokyo around the sixth week. It was awesome! We had a lot of fun and we went out on the town every night.

Night 1--Only planned on getting something to eat after E got in, but got approached by a couple of Australians to see if we knew any fun places to go. We all went to Roppongi and then to a dance club in Roppongi hills, which was very fun. I don't know how E made it though--I don't think we got home until six in the morning. The oddities from that night: I was served french fries with honey on them (tasty and strange) and a guy bought a round for the bar (which I've seen in movies but never experienced in real life).

Night 2--For some reason, I thought we should go out in Kabukicho Shinjuku, the red-light district of Tokyo (probably because I didn't want to go by myself). We went in the first place I spotted with English on it's sign. It was down a couple flights of stairs and was the size of a walk-in closet. That being said--it's a very unique experience to be dancing to AC/DC in a closet in Tokyo with people from all over the world :) It was well-lit and clean, and didn't seem all that seedy.

Here is a picture of me in the smallest bar in the world:

Our waitress--real close to the happiest person I've ever met:

Night 3 through the last night--We tended to end up in Roppongi. One of the nights, we were at a bar and I went to move a stool and heard a squeal--there was a DOG in the bar. I just thought that was bizarre. I love dogs, but when I'm trying to chat with a friend, I don't really want to be shaking off a puppy's amorous pursuit of my leg.

We stayed out late every night but didn't drink much, which was good, because each beer was about $8.

It was a great time! We did wander around during the day. For example, we walked ALL the way around the imperial palace. I was exhausted by the end but E looked fine, so I thought I was just being a baby. Later I found out that walk was about 5 miles and all of my co-workers were shocked that we did that!

During the walk around the palace:

This is me after the walk around the palace--I don't look TOO bad...

At the Meiji Shrine:

We also found a sample sale and bought some awesome designer clothes for cheap! But as we were walking away I saw:

A store that said NoJess! I apparently wasn't allowed in this store! So that made me sad..... :)

I think one of the most surprising things that I noticed in Japan was how many women wear kimonos. I guess I thought that kimonos would only be worn for really formal events--and they are worn for those--but they are also worn more casually. I think they are beautiful--

(oh, and women carry parasols A LOT)

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