Saturday, August 2, 2014

Conscious Box: July

So, Conscious Box.

This and Bulu box are going to be written differently because I don't want to come up with a cost, at the end, I'm just going to mention value.  I got this box on either Groupon or LivingSocial and it was a great deal.  This isn't going to be nearly as in-depth as my other box-reports.  And I'm really stressed out this month so I don't have time for the blog--I think I'm going to cook though!  Cooking relives stress.  And I need to save my blogging power for blogging about cooking, right?

So much!

Seven Seas tea:  I'll drink this, I like tea.  I really really wish it said what type of tea it was.

Truvia sweetener.  One packet of sweetener seems a little bizarre.  I'm not a sweetener person, I don't really drink sweet things.

Choco-slim.  I like to lose weight through diet and exercise, so this really isn't up my alley.  Plus I'd rather drink my tea in tea form.

Evironne fruit and vegetable wash:  These really aren't necessary.   I've taken a lot of food safety classes and won't use this.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts--I think this is hilarious and going to be sent to a friend.  Apparently it works as a protein source for salads and smoothies and such.

Everly drink mix--I think this is pretty cool.  Apparently when you buy it, Everly donates money to help children who are sick with waterborne diseases.  This is peach and mango, so I'm allergic to it, but it will find a new home.

Fruitbreak blended fruit with Greek yogurt--I think this is a great idea (and only 100 calories) if you like Greek yogurt, which I don't.  And I'm super allergic to it (see a theme?).

Natralia: Heel balm.  I will use this!  My heels are always a disaster.

Honest kids juice drink:  There is no ingredient label but I'm going to guess I'm allergic to it.  And it's too bad because I really like Capri Sun.

Clif bar:  I'll use this after a workout (they are tasty for the class of bar they are in, protein bars as a whole are usually...not my favorite.  I'm not into sweets)

Glutenfreeda oatmeal:  I don't like oatmeal.  And oats are gluten-free (people, learn what gluten actually is before you decide it matters if you eat gluten or not).  Some oatmeal is not gluten-free because they dust it with flour so that it doesn't clump.  

Anyone tried any of this stuff?

Did I think this box was worth it?  If you like to try a lot of different stuff, sure, lots of samples.  It's really not my kind of box but it included a lot of stuff.  It had a LOT of stuff to sample, which I like, and it was fun to look through.

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