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Petbox: May

Petbox:  "Whether you want to pick your own items or be surprised each month, we will tailor items that are specific to your dog or cat based on his age and weight."

I am one of those obsessive dog people.  This is a box you can either decide you want to use points to picks specific things or get a completely random box.  I went for the random box.  So this is a random box for a small (under 20 pound) dog.  I imagine you get other stuff if  you answer the questions differently.  

I had a hard time linking to Petbox so I've linked everything I could find to Amazon (it's at the bottom of the blog).

The unveiling--and remember, if you want beautiful pictures, you've came to the wrong blog.  These pictures are what's going to happen when you actually open your box, assuming you aren't the Martha Stewart type.  And if you are, I bow in your direction.

This is what the box looks like when you open it, which I think is adorable:

Item 1:  Perfect form herbal digestive supplements

These are single serve individual packs from the Honest Kitchen to help support proper digestion and intestinal health.

My take: This is going to sound weird, and it's very specific to me, but I have severe food allergies to most fruits.  One of the main enzymes that I am incredibly allergic to--papain, which is from papaya--is in this product.  I'm not actually comfortable with this in my house.  If we were in a mystery novel, this is how my family would kill me.

Verdict: Out of my house as soon as possible, totally not Petbox's fault.

Value:  $19.99

Item 2:  Dura-bright 2-in-1 tennis ball toy for dogs

"Bright and colorful translucent thermoplastic rubber (TPR) dog toy wrapped around a tennis ball -Fun to toss and fetch for outdoor playtime."

My take: My dog is oddly specific about the type of toys she will play with.  She doesn't like ball toys but I'm sure a dog that does would love this guy.  I think it's possible it floats, too, and it looks incredibly hard to destroy.

Verdict: Selling or trading.

Value:  $9.99

(I apologize for the next picture but I'm still getting used to blogging on my iPad)

Item 3:  Wagger's My Little Wolf Grain-free Duck Hunter recipe

"My Little Wolf Dog Treats are soft and delicious little morsels made with over 40% unrendered premium protein. Feel no guilt when you reward your dog because they are grain free and are less than 2.7 calories per piece."

My take: In real life, my industry is involved peripherally in pet treats and there is no need to go grain-free.  I will also tell you that the "grain" is replaced with dried potato and yellow peas but it's up to you if you care about that sort of thing.  I just fed one to my dog and she loved it, though, and is staring at the bag, so they are apparently delicious.

Verdict: Keeping.  The dog really likes them.

Value:  $11.81

Item 4:  Sweet Pea Kitchen "Oh my apple pie" dog treats

"All natural pet treats that are baked in small batches with organic and gluten free ingredients. Organic & Gluten Free Oat Flour, Organic Apples & Cinnamon."

My take: See above.  These are crunchy, heart shaped treats.  I just fed one to my dog and she wasn't nearly as in love with it as the duck treat but she ate it.  Unfortunately, now she's staring at me expecting to get more treats.

Verdict: Keeping.  I always need dog treats

Value:  $6.99

Item 5:  Cheddar cheese Crunch Woofs microwave dog treat

"Crunch Woofs are the microwave dog treat that's crunching its way to stardom. Created by pet parents for the uber-pampered pup, they are low in fat, high in flavor, and soon to become your pet's favorite treat.  Watch them transform and grow into crunchy, crispy treats in your microwave right before your eyes!" (From their website)

My take: I enjoyed  these a lot.  You pop them in the microwave and the puff.  Let's be honest--they are pork rinds--but they are still really fun.  I enjoyed making them, the dog enjoyed making them.

Verdict: Absolutely keeping and probably buying again.

Value:  $9.99?  I'm just guessing, I couldn't find a price.

Item 6:  Slurpabowls portable 100% recyclable bowls

"Providing the ultimate convenience for both you and your pooch, our Slurpabowl™ allows you to have a water bowl on hand for your dog --whenever and wherever! Portable, 100% recyclable plastic bowls fold up small, clip to your canine's leash, and are easily stashed in a purse or backpack. Simply pop open and fill it up!"

My take: These are super convenient.  But I don't have the type of dog that I go for a run with and she I can't imagine a situation I would  need these for. This package includes 6 bowls.

Verdict: Selling/trading/sending to a friend

Value:  $13?  It's difficult to find a price for these although they show up online on a ton of lists as an ingenious product.

Item 7: Slurp'n Fresh oral hygiene solution

"A uniquely formulated oral hygiene solution for dogs and cats that helps eliminate oral and digestive system odors, reduces plaque and tartar and protects the pet's natural oral environment."

My take: Believe it or not, my dog has pretty  good breath all the time so I just don't need this.  I'm a lucky girl.

Verdict: Selling/trading/giving to a friend

Value:  $15.50

All in all, $86.77 for $19 (I got a great deal for one month).  Well worth it, even for a couple items--the treats alone would cost that.  They have a number of subscription options ranging from $29/month if you go for a year at a time to $39/month if you do it month by month.

Another month?  No, I got a great deal on it for one month but it's not worth it for me, especially with Barkbox.  It was well worth the value though.

To join:  I added the link at the beginning of the blog.  I'm not going to go into shipping speed or delivery method--if you want that, there are plenty of other blogs that will give you that information.

CODE:  I don't have a code for this right now.

As always, I swap on my Pinterest page, so if you want to buy any of the stuff that didn't quite trip my trigger, email me!

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