Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fancy box: June

Fancy box time!  I love my Fancy boxes!  

"Fancy in full effect. Get your Fancy fix at home with our monthly subscription service featuring a collection of some of the most fancy'd items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice."  

This is not (to the best of my understanding) a themed crate, although you get to decide what three things interest you the most (women's, men's, home, media, gadgets, and kids).  They have about a dozen curated versions and you can google other reviews of those but they've never interested me.  No, Fancy dragged me in once I got 2 amazing mystery boxes.  Fancy is $39 a month and I just learned while writing this that you can return one item a month if you don't like it!  I did it last month with that shirt and it totally worked, no problem.  Fancy is a great company to work with (I'll go into that in detail later).

"A comfortable and secure fit, designed to meet the needs of extreme athletes, will satisfy all users and nations. The Active GelsTM ear-buds are a super soft, lightweight design offering a secure and comfy fit for all ears. The fit difference is as dramatic as the sound."

My take: I can always use new headphones, especially for working out, and I like that these have 3 sets of earphones and a microphone.  They come in like 5 colors if you hate the green but I think it's okay.

Verdict: KEEP

Value:  $41.20 (most prices are taken from Amazon, although if I can't get them off Amazon I will get them off of other sources.  I find the little booklets that come with them aren't actually the sales price).

"This stylish bag is water resistant, versatile and durable. Folds easily into luggage, with Nylon webbing straps."

My take: Hate.  This reminds me of the 80's gym bags that I rejected when I was 8.  This sucker is getting returned this month.  Is there anyone who actually liked this?  It just feels cheap.

Verdict: Send back

Value:  $18 on Fancy

"MIZU x FANCY Stainless Steel Water Bottle
800 mL / 27 oz. single wall bottle with Mizu Icon Loop Cap.
Sport cap compatible.
18/8 food grade stainless steel.
Angled top for smooth flow.
NOT for hot liquids.
100% BPA FREE/100% Reusable & Recyclable/100% Cool."

My take: Hate.  I hate stainless steel drink containers because I think they make the water taste metallic and I hate the metal on metal sound to the degree that most people hate nails on a chalkboard.

Verdict: Trade/sell

Value:  $20 on Fancy

"If you love taking selfies at the gym, this is the t-shirt for you."

My take: First off, this is an incredibly obnoxious shirt.  That being said, I love it.  I love obnoxious workout clothes, which I feel I deserve, because I workout a lot.  But they sent me an XL!  I'm a small!  It was going to fall off of me!  So I complained about it on Twitter and somehow Fancy tracked me down and told me they are sending me one in my size.  What spectacular customer service!  Fancy has made a long-term customer out of me.

Verdict: Would have worn but been angry about the size issue but, happily, will have the right size.  Going to send the big one to a friend.

Value:  $28 on Fancy

All in all, about $108 worth of stuff for about $39 (plus shipping, I think). 

Another month?  This was not a terrific month but I loved 2 of the items which made it well worth it, and, again, Fancy is really easy to work with.

To join Fancy: Click here!  You won't regret it!

CODE:  None that I can find for Fancy

As always, swap on my Pinterest page, so if you want to buy any of the stuff that didn't quite trip my trigger, email me!

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