Sunday, July 20, 2014

Barkbox: July

Barkbox!  I love my Barkbox.   I managed to get my first month at a hellava deal and it's been worth every penny so far.  

Barkbox explains itself as "When you sign up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!"

Unfortunately, the dog has figured out that one of these boxes is for her and now stands excitedly over every box, every month.  It's a fight to take these picture

I think some of you thought I was exaggerating--I wasn't.  This is what happens when I try to take the pictures.

Item 1: P.L.A.Y. Clam Toy

"Hand crafted with a double layer exterior and inverse cross-stitched joins to ensure extra durability..."

My take: It's cute but sort of a generic toy.  It has a nice sqeaker but I wish I had gotten the giant squid and not the clam.  I don't even know what the giant squid looks like but I bet it's more interesting.

Verdict: Keep and add to the 10000000 toys the dog already has

Value:  $10

Item 2: Loopies Corduroy Whale Toy

"...This plush and cuddly whale will become fast friends with your pup..."

My take: How much can you say about a squeaky toy that looks like a whale?  The dog loves it though.  She's currently fighting me for both of them because she doesn't like them on my lap.

Verdict: Keep.  All these New England-y and PNW toys are going to make my dog feel high-end!

Value: $10

Item 3: Mr. Barksmith's Pina Colada Smoothie

"Each treat is made from human-grade food ingredients, is wheat, gluten, and dairy free, and can be enjoyed room temperature or frozen"

My take: Your dog treats and food don't need to be gluten-free and we can talk about that more if you want to but the dog does really like frozen treats.  I'll tell you from experience--this is not a "before bed" treat because it will make your animal have to pee.

Verdict: I've gotten this before and the dog loved it, so obviously keep.

Value: $2

Item 4: Think!  Dog Louisiana Crab Jerky

".USA made and sourced from sustainable family farms and fisheries in Louisiana, these crab and alligator jerky treats are wheat, corn and soy-free,.."

My take: You know my take on the ingredients.  Also, most farms in this country are family farms but whatever.  A good way to differentiate yourself in an over-saturated market

Verdict: They smell absolutely awful but the dog not only ate it right down but is sniffing the ground to see if she missed any.

Value: $7 

Item 5:  PetSSafe Indigo Triple Chews

"Grain-free but taste-FULL (their emphasis) These indigo tripe chews combine immune boosting antioxidants, a satisfying teeth-cleaning chew, AND a deliciously moist probiotic filling that promotes digestive heath.  No artificial colors preservatives on these chewy delights--the blue tint is provided by the scrumptious blueberries used in the recipe."

My take: No use beating a dead horse about ingredients but the dye thing does matter--especially if you've ever had to clean up dye-full vomit from a light color carpet.  These are SOLID treats.  They are more like Greenies than Milk-Bones, if you get my drift.  The dog doesn't seem sure about it, she's not going after it like she hasn't eaten in 6 months like she normally does.

Verdict: I don't see myself buying these again but she can enjoy them for now.

Value: $10

All in all, about $39 or so for about $18-$29 depending on how many months you sign up for.  Pretty good deal and the dog is getting much more variety in treats than she would get if I was randomly buying them at the grocery store.

Another month?  Absolutely.  I love never having to buy treats and trying all the new items.

To join Barkbox: Click here to get 10% off of your first Barkbox.

CODE:  Click the above link and get your first for 10% off

As always, swap on my Pinterest page, so if you want to buy any of the stuff that didn't quite trip my trigger, email me!

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