Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fancy box: May

"Fancy in full effect. Get your Fancy fix at home with our monthly subscription service featuring a collection of some of the most fancy'd items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice."  This is not (to the best of my understanding) a themed crate, although you get to decide what three things interest you the most (women's, men's, home, media, gadgets, and kids.  They have about a dozen curated versions and you can google other reviews of those but they've never interested me.  No, Fancy dragged me in once I got 2 amazing mystery boxes.  Fancy is $39 a month and I just learned while writing this that you can return one item a month if you don't like it!

Fancy Link:
Fancy Box

The unveiling--and remember, if you want beautiful pictures, you've came to the wrong blog.  These pictures are what's going to happen when you actually open your box, assuming you aren't the Martha Stewart type.  And if you are, I bow in your direction.

Fancy usually comes in attractive boxes and gives you stickers (it was well packed, I just took it all out).

Y-Split Headphones

"The Y-SPLIT 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Splitter is the perfect solution for sharing your music with friends and family. Connect 2 sets of headphones or speakers to your Smartphone or Tablet.
Share your music with friends and family
Connect 2 headphones or speakers to 1 device"

My take: I feel no need at all for this and it's very likely to be sold on eBay or my swapping Pinterest page.  I mean, I see the value, but I'm never watching my iPad with someone else where I can't have the sound on, so it's not needed.

Verdict: Selling

Value: $15

NCLA Nail Wraps

"From Sunny Southern California, NCLA's runway-inspired nail fashion wraps are ultra thin, easy to apply and long lasting with no drying time. Each kit of 26 nail wraps + nail file will yield 3-4 applications.
Nail set includes: 
• 26 ultra-thin self-adhesive nail wraps
• NCLA nail file
• Easy-to-follow directions
What's not to love? All you need is clear polish. You instantly top off any look and outfit. It couldn't be any easier! "

My take: I'm a big proponent of manicures and I've never used these before.  I actually don't like flashy nails and these aren't my style at all.

Verdict: Selling

Value: $16

Not much to explain on this one--it's a shirt.  It says "Weekend Warrior"
My take: Another that I just don't love.  I'll probably wear it to work out, even though I'm more of a tank girl at the gym than a tee-shirt girl.

Verdict: Reluctantly keep.

Value: $28

beauty is skin deep
women's essentials
kit (calm)
once was the time when your world was filled with rose-coloured dreams of being swept off your feet; now you’re content with not having your bags nicked before you land. this is a kit of essentials to replace the irreplaceable and keep you looking fresh.
50ml the therapist shampoo
50ml the therapist conditioner
50ml the great hydrator moisture mask
50ml soap dodger body wash
50ml self indulgence body crème

My take: I'm oddly excited about this one!  I've had really good luck with the random stuff I've gotten in these boxes and I love trying new shampoos and conditioners.  I'll probably gift away the body wash and body creme (or put it on Pinterest)

Verdict: Keep!

Value: $30

AJ Morgan Sunglasses

Pretty much just sunglasses in a REALLY heavy duty case.

My take:I hate the color orange and, oddly, I hate sunglasses.  

Verdict: Imagine that gif of the octopus saying nope.  That's me and these glasses.  They will be on Pinterest or Ebay.

Value: $30

All in all, about $120 worth of stuff for about $39 plus the excitement of unexpected stuff and MAIL!  MAIL THAT ISN'T BILLS!  Love it. 

Another month?  I adored my mystery boxes so much I'm going to stick out another month.  The stuff was very high value, just not my type this month.

To join Fancy: Click my link above!

CODE:  None that I can find for Fancy

As always, swap on my Pinterest page, so if you want to buy any of the stuff that didn't quite trip my trigger, email me!

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